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Manufacturing and Fabrication

Telecoms Regulatory Testing

Element provides a full suite of telecoms regulatory testing for transmission products, cables, electronics and more.

Utilities Certification

Calibration Services


RTCA DO-160 Testing

As the largest independent provider of testing services for the global Aerospace sector, Element is well-positioned to support your RTCA/DO-160 testing programs.

Additive Manufacturing Testing

Element is at the forefront of additive manufacturing technology, providing critical testing services to clients in aerospace, transportation, medical device and beyond.

Aerospace Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components and Systems Simulation

To serve as the most trusted single source testing partner in the Aerospace industry, Element offers Hydraulic and Pneumatic Simulation as part of our complete Aerospace PQT platform which also includes Fuel System Testing and Aerospace Environmental…

Ceramic Matrix Composite Testing

As the practical application of CMCs increases, so will the need to work with the right testing partner to ensure your materials perform as expected.

Structures Testing

Our aero structure testing expertise covers a broad range of applications and client needs, utilizing cutting edge and specific structures testing methods and technology.

Engine Airfoil Component High Cycle Fatigue Testing

Aerospace Materials Testing

Element is at the forefront of very latest aerospace materials testing methodologies and best practices. We have decades of experience in testing new materials and a world class reputation for quality coupled with fast and reliable turnaround times…